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Now you can ask us to call back at your convenient time for discussion on requirements , fees , etc… You may also chat with us for maximum 35 minutes using web camera. Hey that’s pretty cool !

Or if you have been already contacted then please Click here . Browse FEES and pay online . You may also pay in any ICICI bank by cheque or cash for which details are given on payment page.

Please read our instructions at the bottom of this page before booking appointment. We will discuss on phone or web cam, purely about your plot size, requirements and projects completed by us only.

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Registration or Log in at this stage not compulsory.

Instructions – very Important:

1: Use these following steps to book a appropriate time to discuss with our team.  We work from Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM . Step 2 will show , which time we are available, if not booked by other clients like you. Choose the time where we both are comfortable .

2: Once submitted this appointment form, you will be taken to FEE’s page, where you may read – understand about our fees. You may pay online – so that experts can start working on your Project. Or wait for our call. We will call you back at the date and time booked by you .

3: You may also call us back, in case some technical snag is noticed, at +919376501937 or skype us at ID raydesign.creative 

4: We will discuss on phone or web cam, purely about your plot size, requirements and projects completed by us.

5: If you have latest smart phone or laptop having good steady internet connection  of around 1 MBPS speed then we will arrange at this booked time a web cam conference. We will ask you to open in your laptop or smart phone – browser one particular web site link. You need to submit your name, gender, age . Then select Aparna user to chat and play the web cam. Web cam conference is not compulsory and we reserve right to close the same any time.

Sample print screen of the web cam page below:

web cam with ray design team

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