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Mr.Amol Ashok Awari – Chandrapur Maharashtra – Bungalow

A Lavish Bungalow designed on a rectangular plot of size 46′-9″ X 49′-2.5″, abutting to main roads in eastern and Northern direction , where the main entrance to the bungalow and Garden is from East & the bungalow has a small   attached shop to it, in its plan, which is accessible from the road in North direction.
It is a G+1 structure, where on ground floor, it is a single residence & a shop with amenity spaces like a Car parking area & Garden. this plan also shows an external staircase to approach a 1 BHK unit on 1st floor.

The Bungalow has a stepped entrance with Veranda in front of the Car Parking Area.Here the living room acts as a nodal transition space for every other space connected to a pooja room, a guest bedroom, a common dressing and toilet area, a master bedroom, steps to the upper floor & a kitchen cum dinning area.
The dinning area is connected to a bedroom with attached dressing & a toilet bathroom, and a 3′ high utility area.

The vertical circulation area has  access to a store room besides it. This floor plan also shows a shoppy 7′-9″ X 16′-5″ with a store, accessible from the road in North side for visitors & from the garden for the shop keeper.

First floor is interconnected from the internal staircase in bungalow & an external staircase from garden as well. The internally connected area of the bungalow has a huge living room with attached pooja room and an open terrace, a Kitchen area, a bed room with attached dressing room & toilet Bathroom.

The one BHK unit which is accessible externally has an entrance at landing and has a hall, a Kitchen, a common toilet & a master Bedroom with a ‘L’ shaped Balcony attached to it.

On the terrace floor only the internal staircase reaches till the terrace area, where it has a stair cabin & a huge open terrace.

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