Dr. Surakshith Gowda - Mysore Karnataka - Hospital PlanningHospital Clinic Medical Building designs 

Dr. Surakshith Gowda – Mysore Karnataka – Hospital Planing

                    A Gynecologist’s Hospital Designed on a rectangular plot of size 97′ X 114′, abutting to a 20′ road in west direction. It is a Basement+G+3 structure with 10′ wide setbacks from, North, south & East & a 20′ wide setback in front.
                  The basement is 4′ deep from ground level & is accessed through a 15′-3″ wide ramp which starts from buildings Northwest corner. The basement is 58′ x 67′-8″ sq.ft. in area and has parking facilities for two wheeler & 4 Wheeler. The upper floors of hospital are accessible from this level through a stretcher lift & staircase. This area is also connected to a long store room 58′ X 13′ in size.
                 Ground floor is at 4′ high level from ground, which is accessible from this level, through a stretcher lift & staircase
to basement and upper floors . This floor has entry though both stairs & ramps , here a veranda provides access to  a huge waiting & reception area connected to a pharmacy & a huge central lobby which provides access to 2 common toilets, 4 OPD’s , one store room, A lab with sample receiving room, a minor O.T. , a daycare room, an USG, a MRD, X-ray room & stairs & stretcher lift for vertical circulation.
                First floor has a smaller lobby space as compared to the ground floor in front of vertical circulation area , which provides access to a long enclosed waiting area, a nurse station, a rest room, with two toilets, an O.T. area with 3 Doctor’s changing rooms, autoclave & CSSU, a O.T, a store room another Major O.T. with attached store room, post operation ward, a Nurse station, Pr laboring room, with wash basin & toilet & a labor room with attached wash basin &  toilet Bathroom, & an Infant’s care center which has a baby receiving room, Nurse duty room , Doctor’s duty Room with facility of washbasin & separate male and female toilets in the NICU area.
                On second floor, there is a semi open Garden Area , accessible from its lobby which is connected to a nurse station, a rest room, a waiting area, separate common toilets for males & females, a female ward with attached toilets & Bathroom, a passage connected to SICU with Doctor’s duty room with attached toilet/ Bathroom & a Pediatric ward with nurse station & store & rest room  & a toilet /Bathroom. This floor also has 2 Double occupancy Semi Special rooms, with attached toilet / Bathroom & balcony.
                Third floor has a Huge hall of Size 74′ X 81′ connected to vertical circulation area & above this floor, it has a huge terrace with a staircase which has a lift machine room above it, connected through an external M.S. stairs.
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