Hospital Design – Nandyal Andhra Pradesh – Dr.Balaji Obula Reddy

  • This is a hospital designed on a plot of size 50′ X 90′, Abutting to a main Road in North Direction. It has main entrance on the Eastern Side of the plot.It has an ‘L’ shaped parking space on ground floor, where the parking area which is right in front of the door is for four wheeler & the area in right hand side is for two wheeler parking.   
  • The building has two access points. first through ramps which lead to upper floor and are provided for patients access through stretcher’s and also for fire safety purposes. The another entrance to the building is from parking area & which is through an entrance lobby which has staircase & stretcher lift facilities.       
  • This same lobby also acts as reception area & is connected to a passage which is connected to areas like common toilet areas for males & females separately, a physiotherapy room, casualty, a minor O.T. & a X-Ray Room. So it can be seen through the plan that ground floor is designed only for emergency services.   
  • First floor has a huge waiting & reception area in front of the lift & staircase which is connected to a. O.P.D. , a pharmacy, a balcony which acts as as a landing for ramp and is also  connected to a long passage which provides access to an optical shop & 4 more O.P.D. sections for different specialist doctors, a path lab, a Dressing Room & an orthopedic plastering room in which 4 O.P.D. rooms & path lab have attached toilets.
  • Second floor has a Passage connected to the staircase & lift area which provides access to a 5 bedded female ward with attached common toilets & bathroom, A 5 bedded male ward with attached common toilets & bathroom a space called Arogyashree, may be for some Ayurvedic doctor’s consultancy room, a record room, sister’s room, a doctor’s duty/ Rest room all of them with attached toilet &this floor also has a septic ward which is an isolation ward for infection patients.On this floor ramp is connected to a balcony which is accessible from female ward.     
  • Third floor has two special rooms, 6 twin sharing rooms & 2 triple sharing rooms around a Central passage connected to vertical circulation area & a balcony with access to the ramps.     
  • Fourth floor is designed keeping in mind , the separate/ Private zone for operations & surgeries to be performed. Hence this floor has all the spaces like surgery. Hence this floor has all the spaces like surgery/ Gynecology OT, Orthopedic OT, scrub station, C.C.S.D., operative Beds/ 2 Recovery rooms, a male Doctor’s changing room & female Doctor’s changing room, an I.C.U., a reception area with a toilet & a changing room for staff & these all activity areas are kept connected to other floors through staircase, lift ramp & Balcony with ramps.     
  • Its terrace floor has the stair cabin with stretcher lift & the Ramps also ends at terrace level & on rest of the area, it has a huge terrace.       
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