Hospital Clinic Medical Building designs Interior design projects of Clinic School Specialized area 

Hospital Interior Design – Nandyal AP – Dr. Balaji Obula Reddy

We have made Interior Design for Multi-speciality Hospital.

Waiting area is most visited space by peoples. This area we are try to make cool and attractive for that we have used Ivory color on walls. On Reception counter we have used white color laminate and behind this counter we have made designed paneling, its look very attractive. For sitting we have put stainless steel chairs and Upholstered sofa.

In Casualty room we have used Brown and white colour fabric on Bed-sheet and Blanket. For curtain we have used Blue and white colour. On walls we have used light yellow colour.

In X-ray room we have designed small table and chair for computer. We have adjust space for X-ray machine. In this room we have used dark green colour on wall.

In Pharmacy we have designed Wooden Counter and many storages for put medicines. On counter table we have used white colour laminate and designed indirect LED light for decorative purpose.  In storage we have used glass shelf and Wooden shutters.

In OPD we have designed space for Doctor’s chair and table, chair for patients, Small bed for check patient and curtain covered to bed And put 2 seater sofa and on sofa we have used cream color fabric. All walls we have used limestone color. On furniture we have used dark brown color.

In lab we have make counter with storage . counter top we have put granite stone.and designed cupboard for put lab files and equipment.

Here general ward designed for 5 peoples.In general ward we have designed beds side table with storage and small tools for relactive patient sitting.On bed sheet and blanket we have used white and cream colour to feel cool to patients. Between all beds we have put curtains for privacy. Front of the beds we have put stainless steel chairs for visitors sitting. For patients entertainment we have put TV in this ward.

special room is the temporary home for one patient. In special room we have put 1 Bed for patient and 1 for relative. And put small upholster sofa for visitors sitting. We have put TV for patients entertainment.

Twin Sharing room shared by two people typically with a curtain dividing the room and providing some privacy. In this room we have used light cream color on all walls.

We have designed small cafeteria for doctors. Here we have put wooden counter with storage and for sitting 4 chair and table 2 sets.

We have designed Orthopedic OT and Gynecology OT as its requirement and put more storage for equipment’s.

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