Bungalow Villa House Duplex designs 

Mr. Yogendra Singh Yadav – Bikaner Rajasthan – Bungalow

               This is a Bungalow designed on a plot of size 25′ X 55′(1375 sq.ft.), abutting to a main road in East direction. This Plot is located in a conjested area of the city and as it has a very small width of 25′ ,it is designed as a structure with common walls on both sides.
               It was a challenging Project for designer to design a Bungalow on this Plot, which she has completed very efficiently according to the clients requirements.
              Ground floor has an 8′ wide main gate. It has Amenity spaces like garden & Parking Facilities on Ground.
               The Bungalow is accessed through a stepped entrance otta connected to the Drawing room. It Provides access to a central Dinning & lobby space which acts as a Nodal point & which is connected to all other activity areas such as a kitchen, two Bedrooms with attached Bathroom cum washroom & a veranda in the back side connected with an open space, & it also Provides access to the stairs which helps us to get connected with 1st floor.
                First floor also has the similar kind of lobby, as it is on the Ground floor.
               On this Floor this lobby acts as a nodal space which Provides access to two Bedrooms, one with a small Bathroom cum washroom & another one has an attached balcony in Back side. This floor also has an open terrace area which provides a sit out for the bedroom in front side. Above this floor is a huge terrace area with, staircase block, & it acts as an overlooking area to the lower terrace.
               It seems like a house designed for a joint family living in same house, but has separate Kitchens for maintaining both floors as private spaces.
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