School Design-Guna Mp -Mr. Saurabh Srivastava

 A school designed on a huge but irregular plot. It is a CBSE school which is designed by our designers, according to the norms of CBSC Board.            It has Ample open area for assembly Ground, foot ball ground, Tennis court, Basket Ball Ground, Garden and Parking, Running track etc. on ground. The school is arranged in a Slightly ‘C’ Shaped Plan Form. The School has 3 Access Points. the central Access Points, the Central access Point on Ground floor leads to waiting lobby, Reception area and staircase which is connected to an administrative area & Academic Part too.           Administrative Area towards left, has a Director’s room, Principal’s room, Both with attached washrooms, a conference, Staff room Accounts Department, Admin Office And One Extra room for personal meetings & interviews.It is also connected with 8 Classrooms in this wing & separate Boy’s & Girl’s Toilets connected with kids Play Park.          This ‘L’ Shaped wing of 8 class rooms can be useful for Primary and Pre-primary Sections and has a staircase at junction Point & 12′ wide Passages.          The Another wing on right hand has Academic Block which has total 19 class rooms, connected on sides of central 12′ wide Passages which also has staircase, a store room and 2 separate toilets for female teachers and girls & another 2 separate toilets for male teachers & boys.          At First floor the ‘L’ shaped wing in left side id separated from the another part of school and has 8 more class rooms and separate Boys & Girls toilets.          The another ‘L’ shaped section of middle & high school over the Admin area has 18 more classrooms, toilet facilities same as on ground floor in academic block & also has two separate boy’s & girl’s toilet Provided besides Library, Art & music room, Bio Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab & a Big Computer Lab.          Second Floor Of Left wing is same as 1st floor. Second floor of Right hand side Building has Boy’s And Girls’s toilet facility for Another 24 class rooms with a staff room, water cooler area & the staff and students toilet same as on 1st floor.         Above this is a huge terrace area which is spread over both the buildings.         It is a well designed school by our Designers which is designed with ample facilities & helps to maintain the public flow in both the Buildings.

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