Shopping Complex-Nabarangpur Odisha- Mr. Srinivas Sudala

  A Shopping Complex designed on a polygonal site, with its 2 sides i.e. front and Northen edge perpendicular to each other, 65′-0″ X 145′-4″ respectively
and has 3 irregular sides .The plot abuts to a main road in East direction and has a 20′ wide front setback and a 23′-10″ wide rear setback.

                     It is a Basement + G + 2 Structure.Basement mainly has Parking facility for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler. It has two lifts , two staircases for vertical circulation with two separate ramps for entry and exit.

                     On Ground floor it has two lobbies 29′-4″ X 32′-0″ & 26′-7″ X30′-3″ respectively which can be used for accommodating super market.and a big 36′ X 42′ shop with one more stepped entry in the rear side.

                    On first floor the plan show central 9′-7″ wide passage in between with some shops of size 18′-0 X 13′-10″ & 18′-2 X16′-2″ respectively. It has 5 more stores varying in size around a 8′-11″ wide passage  & two separate toilets for males and females beside the staircase. 

                  On 2nd floor the floor area is increased by taking a 6′ wide cantilever slab from front and left and right side, so as to get more bigger spaces.On this floor it has a restaurant with a kitchen and service area, a game zone, a circulation lobby & a big hall with 8′ wide and 10′ wide passages besides it.   

                 Third Floor of this building has Multiplex and hence its floor plans are shown from 2 different levels, 3rd floor level 1 shows 2 screens, 1 in front and another in rear side, which are accessible through a 6′ wide & 10′ wide passage in front of the staircase respectively. Both the screens have 14′ wide frontage from screens to the rows.

                   A space between both these screens has a lobby with food court on both its sides & separate toilets for males & females & two lifts & staircase around it for vertical circulation.

                   On 3rd floor level 2 , above the central lobby space, it has an open to sky space & a gallery around it, which has food courts, lobby , entries for both the screens, 2 service rooms & a circulation lobby, making it symmetrically equal for both the screens.This level is accessed through the lifts and staircases around it, for vertical circulation and the continue till the terrace floor above it.

                  Above this floor it has a huge terrace area with a stair cabin, & above it , it has a lift machine room, accessible through an M.S staircase.

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