Bungalow Cum Apartment Design - Visakhapatnam AP - Mr.Muralidhar Apartment Flats Building design projects Bungalow Villa House Duplex designs 

Bungalow Cum Apartment Design – Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh – Mr.Muralidhar

This Plot is big in size , So we have devided that into 2 Parts . 1st part is for Meeting, conferences and types of Functions. There we also made closed shade. 2nd part we have designed An Apartment , on a Rectangular plot of approx size 128′ X 65′. Abutting to main road is South ,North & west Direction, & the site has access from the road in North direction. The building is G+2 floors . On Ground Floor car parking and stepped entrance with otta . On this…

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A. Muralidhar,Narsipatnam,Visakhapatnam, AP- school design School College Play school design projects 

A. Muralidhar – Narsipatnam Visakhapatnam AP- School

We do specialized Planning for Indians living abroad. #ArchitectsForNRI #RayDesignWorld . You may also whatsApp us your requirements and plot size at +919376501937

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